Carve-out Survey 2016 results

Carve-out Survey 2016 results

Market predicts buoyant year for European corporate carve outs

Aurelius canvassed the opinions of over 200 respondents from Aurelius Group’s network of UK and continental European advisory and corporate contacts on their outlook for European corporate divestments during the remainder of 2016.

The inaugural corporate carve-out survey found that despite uncertainties around the upcoming EU referendum, the outlook for the European corporate carve-out market is buoyant, as corporates continue to seek the benefits of streamlining their businesses, refocusing their strategies and freeing up capital through the disposal of non-core assets.

The survey also shows that the UK and Ireland are the two markets which can expect to see the highest volumes of corporate carve-out activity this year.

The key findings of the survey can be found here.