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AURELIUS Growth Investments

24.02.2023  // AURELIUS Growth Investments portfolio company Better Taste Group acquires CASEDA Gastro Services

  • Strengthening Better Taste Group’s portfolio of catering providers
  • Territorial expansion into the Rhine-Main region
  • Fourth successful add-on acquisition for Better Taste
AURELIUS Equity Opportunities

14.02.2023  // AURELIUS Equity Opportunities subsidiary BMC Benelux acquires the builders’ merchant activities of Botha

  • Third strategic add-on acquisition for BMC Benelux
  • Strong fit to the BMC network, strengthening the position in East Flanders
AURELIUS Growth Investments

06.02.2023  // AURELIUS Growth Investments' Annual Review 2022

Looking back, AURELIUS Growth Investments (AGI) would like to reflect on the past year and briefly present our highlights for 2022.

AURELIUS Equity Opportunities

01.02.2023  // AURELIUS portfolio company VAG acquires FKB Válvulas

  • Second Brazil Add-on following the acquisition of RTS Válvulas in 2022
  • Increases local manufacturing capacity and expanding its global customer base
  • Further strengthens VAG’s pole position as the world’s leading supplier of water and wastewater valves
AURELIUS Growth Investments

27.01.2023  // AURELIUS Growth Investments’ portfolio company G&N Group acquires Renz Sicherheitstechnik

  • Acquisition of a leading supplier of security and communications technology
  • Strengthening of G&N’s leading market position with five sites in Baden Wuerttemberg and Bavaria
  • Extension of G&N’s service offering through a 24/7 service and emergency call control center
AURELIUS Refugee Initiative

26.01.2023  // AURELIUS Refugee Initiative is supporting Help.People Ukraine with a donation of 40.000 EUR

AURELIUS Refugee Initiative is supporting Help.People Ukraine with a donation of 40.000 EUR. This NGO evacuates Ukrainian civilians from direct combat regions and occupied territories.

AURELIUS Equity Opportunities

16.01.2023  // AURELIUS Equity Opportunities to seek segment change

  • Segment change from qualified Open Market (m:access) to general Open Market intended
  • Considerable savings of time and money for the company
  • Rights of shareholders linked to their shares will be preserved
AURELIUS Growth Investments

21.12.2022  // AURELIUS Growth Investments’ portfolio company Ringbeck acquires Klaus Hildebrandt AG

  • Acquisition of a leading full-service provider of gardening and landscaping services, specialising in the installation of green roofs
  • The deal strengthens Ringbeck’s market positioning within Germany, gaining sites in Hamburg and Berlin
  • With the acquisition of Klaus Hildebrandt, Ringbeck-Group becomes Germany’s largest garden and landscaping contractor with a group-wide turnover of over €80 million
AURELIUS Equity Opportunities

25.11.2022  // AURELIUS Equity Opportunities subsidiary BMC Benelux acquires Vandevoorde Bouwmaterialen

  • Second strategic add-on acquisition for BMC Benelux in 2022
  • Strengthening of BMC´s market coverage in Belgium

17.11.2022  // AURELIUS European Corporate Carve-Out Survey

AURELIUS Equity Opportunities

10.11.2022  // AURELIUS Equity Opportunities reports results for the first nine months of 2022

  • Total consolidated revenues rise to EUR 2,351.7 million
  • Operating EBITDA comes to EUR 163.8 million, net asset value (net) falls to EUR 909.0 million
  • Already seven add-on acquisitions, five co-investments and four (partial) exits in 2022
  • Subdued transaction environment expected in the coming months
AURELIUS Real Estate Opportunities

26.10.2022  // STAYERY opens in former hotel in Wolfsburg

  • New overnight accommodation for young professionals and business travellers opens in Wolfsburg Autostadt
  • 48 apartments and attractive communal areas now available in a central location
  • STAYERY is the anchor tenant of the AURELIUS Real Estate Opportunities Zweiundzwanzig building
AURELIUS Equity Opportunities

11.10.2022  // AURELIUS Equity Opportunities sells Briar Chemicals to Safex Chemicals

  • Briar Chemicals, the UK´s leading agrochemical contract manufacturer, sold to a strategic buyer
  • Strong growth prospects in the agrochemicals market with Briar Chemicals expected to report revenue for FY22 of above EUR 70m
  • Further successful exit for AURELIUS despite a challenging market environment
AURELIUS Real Estate Opportunities

10.10.2022  // Trend survey on the topic of stranded assets: older buildings are running the risk of missing out on ESG-compliance

  • For many existing buildings, refurbishment projects do not pay off
  • 65% of respondents see a great risk that older buildings will become stranded assets
  • 62% of portfolio owners believe that financing is still possible, but will become more difficult in future
  • Around one-third have portfolios comprising 50% to 75% non-ESG-compliant properties
  • Green leases remain something of a rarity
AURELIUS Refugee Initiative

07.10.2022  // AURELIUS Refugee Initiative spendet an Münchner Universitätskindertagesstätte

Die AURELIUS Gruppe ist bestrebt, zielgerichtete Hilfe in herausfordernden Zeiten zu leisten. Der andauernde Ukraine-Krieg führt nach wie vor zu Leid, besonders für Kinder. Einer Spende an das International Rescue Committee im Frühjahr folgend, hat die AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. nun auf lokaler Ebene die Universitätskindertagesstätte e.V. (Uni-Kindergarten) im Umfang von EUR 5.000 unterstützt.


06.10.2022  // AURELIUS Group scales London team to support portfolio growth

London, October 6, 2022 – AURELIUS Group (AURELIUS) reports a series of new appointments that sees a step-change in its UK and Ireland team.