Annual Review 2021


Annual Review 2021

  • 3 Platform investments
  • 8 Add-on aquisitions
  • 4 New hires

Looking back, we would like to reflect on the past year and briefly present our highlights for 2021.

Although the past year has certainly been challenging, we can be very proud of what we have achieved. We are particularly proud of the three platform investments we made, as well as the eight add-on acquisitions we executed together. Of equal importance are the new additions we have made to our team, who have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.

Platform Transactions

Ringbeck GmbH was the first platform investment of the year, completed in March 2021. Ringbeck is a provider of high-quality services in the growing gardening, landscaping and green roof markets, and is one of the leading providers in western Germany. As part of our buy & build strategy, the company is expected to be transformed into a nationwide group of gardening and landscaping companies. » Press release

The second platform acquisition was Sasse Elektronik GmbH.  Sasse is a full-service provider with a focus on the medical technology sector. In particular, the company designs complex electronic and mechatronic systems as well as complete devices such as X-ray systems or infusion pumps. Similar to Ringbeck, Sasse is also expected to grow inorganically as part of our buy & build concept and to be transformed into a consortium. » Press release

The final platform investment of 2021 was the acquisition of Priorit AG. Priorit is well known in the industry as an innovative full-range provider of structural fire protection products. The company was able to establish itself as one of the market leaders in the field of passive fire protection solutions. What makes Priorit special is that it can manufacture fire-resistant components with decorative surfaces, in a way that combines functionality and design. » Press release

Add-on Transactions

SSP Schwachstrom-Partner GmbH was acquired as the first add-on investment for G&N Gefahrenmelde und Nachrichtentechnik GmbH. Just like G&N, SSP offers high-quality services in the field of technical building equipment for fire alarm systems, safety technology as well as IT and telecommunication technology. » Press release

TELROTH GmbH was the second add-on transaction of the year and was also made for the G&N platform. TELROTH offers similar services as G&N and SSP in the field of hazard detection and communications technology. Based near Düsseldorf, TELROTH perfectly complements G&N's coverage of Germany. » Press release

In May 2021, connexta, our IT services group, was also able to complete its first add-on acquisition of the year by investing in neam IT-Services GmbH. Connexta's main operations are within the areas of Cloud, Managed Services and Modern & Secure Workplace. Therefore, with its IT Security focus, neam is an ideal addition to connexta’s portfolio of services.  » Press release

After only three months, the recently acquired platform Ringbeck was able to make its first add-on acquisition in the form of the Dieter Berg GmbH. Similar to Ringbeck, Dieter Berg offers high-quality services in the field of gardening and landscaping as well as roof greening. The site in Mülheim an der Ruhr will noticeably strengthen Ringbeck's market position in western Germany. » Press release

Better Taste Holding GmbH was able to acquire BVS Catering GmbH & Co. KG, an add-on company. BVS is a leading catering provider in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and supplies schools, kindergartens, daycare centers and social institutions. Overall, this is the third Buy & Build acquisition for the Better Taste Group. » Press Release

By acquiring Braune GmbH, G&N was able to gain the third add-on for the group in 2021. In addition to the further expansion of the service portfolio in the areas of fire alarm and safety technology, with this acquisition G&N was able to advance into the eastern German market, since Braune is headquartered in Oederan, which is located between Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. » Press Release

The connexta group was able to complete a second add-on transaction in 2021 with IF-Tech AG. IF-Tech's focus on cloud solutions and Work 4.0 further extends connexta's service portfolio. This is the fourth acquisition for connexta overall and it demonstrates that the Buy & Build concept is working well. » Press Release

The last add-on acquisition of the past year was K.W. Siefken GmbH & Co. KG. This was the second add-on transaction for Ringbeck within this year. Like Ringbeck, Siefken offers high-quality gardening and landscaping services and with its location in Nordenham, the Ringbeck Group can expand its operations into the northern part of Germany.  » Press Release

Team News

Over the past year, not only has AWK's portfolio grown considerably, but we have also welcomed four new team members.

In April 2021, Markus Dränert joined AWK as Portfolio Director Software & Technology and complements our current management team. Prior to that, Markus was CEO and New Venture Partner at finleap, Haufe-Lexware and Deutsche Telekom, to name a few.

As of this fall, Christopher Gongolo has been supporting AWK's investment team as an Investment Associate. Previously, Christopher worked for three years at KPMG in transaction advisory.

Also new to AWK is Philipp Karrié, who supports as Assistant Project Manager Finance & Controlling. Before joining AWK, Philipp worked for almost 4 years at EY in transaction advisory.

Verena Fuchs has also joined AWK as an Accountant in 2021 and is responsible for all accounting related matters. Verena gained previous experience in a tax firm and is also a certified accountant.



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