AURELIUS Finance Company
A supportive and flexible debt solution provider

ABOUT Aurelius Finance Company

AURELIUS Finance Company is an alternative lender, providing debt solutions to UK and European companies who are unable to access the mainstream banking market for some or all of their capital requirements

AURELIUS Finance’s approach and lending strategy means we are able to provide supportive and flexible capital, delivered by an experienced team of specialists


Deal Types

Whether a simple refinance or transformational capital, the AURELIUS Finance team understands what you and your company are going through, and will partner with you through that journey:

  • Growth Finance / Acquisitions
  • Refinancings / Change of control
  • Turnarounds / Special situations

Speed of Execution

Quick decision-making process and ability to deploy capital fast


We invest in opportunities rather than specific sectors


AURELIUS Finance operates a flat structure, which means you are in contact with a key decision maker from day one. We strongly believe in the importance of relationships, so the same team will stay with you through the life of our loan

Collaborative Capital

AURELIUS Finance can provide a complete solution for companies, but where required we can work closely with the mainstream banking and ABL community to provide a hybrid solution

Lending Strategy

AURELIUS Finance offers bespoke and differentiated funding solutions:

Debt Size

  • £3m to £30m+ (EUR 3.5m to 35m+)

Lending Approach

  • Asset focus with recognition for sustainable operational cash flow
  • Leverage all asset classes including: Property, Plant & Machinery, Inventory, Receivables and Brand


  • Flexibility to lend across the capital structure, including senior, second lien, unitranche and asset carve outs


  • Offering a range of commitments from 6 month bridge loans to five year term loans


  • We consider funding businesses in the UK and across Europe, in selected jurisdictions


Karun Dhir

Karun Dhir

Managing Director

Martyn Cryer

Martyn Cryer

Investment Director

James Sismey-Durrant

James Sismey-Durrant

Investment Manager

Charles Suckling

Charles Suckling

Investment Associate

Tom Haig

Tom Haig

Investment Associate

Akash Gulati

Akash Gulati


Christina Nayman-Mills

Christina Nayman-Mills

Senior Legal Counsel


At AURELIUS Group we are always on the lookout for people who want more than just a job.

The continued development of our business heavily relies on us recruiting bright people able to source, execute and manage debt transactions. In our dynamically growing group, we offer employees a great career opportunity – whether you are looking for a role as an intern or director, lawyer or portfolio manager, AURELIUS will be a GOOD HOME for your career.

Contact us: +44 (0) 20 7440 0480

AURELIUS Finance Company’s office is located at
6th Floor, 33 Glasshouse Street, London W1B 5DG

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