How NDS Group is enabling electric mobility in Norway


How NDS Group is enabling electric mobility in Norway

The future of mobility is electric. However, in some regions, it is easier to adapt to this future than in others. With Norway being one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe, the transformation to e-mobility requires not only particularly reliable vehicles but equally reliable aftermarket services because those breath-taking Fjords can become quite a hazard when your E- vehicle (EV) brakes down in the middle of nowhere.

This is where AURELIUS’ portfolio company NDS Group enters the stage: The long-established wholesaler of automobile spare parts also operates one of Norway's largest and most modern chain of car workshops. AURELIUS and NDS joined forces in 2019, when AURELIUS acquired the Group that was previously known as Hellanor SA. The subsequent rebranding in the same year marked the beginning of an impressive transformation into one of Norway’s leading providers of EV aftermarket parts and services.

NDS’ vast network of more than 220 workshops grants unique access to service data for EV, which the group constantly gathers and analyses to drive innovations in EV specific workshop equipment and tailor-made product accessories. No wonder that NDS’ products as well as its workshop equipment convinces even the most demanding clients.

The large workshop network further guarantees outstanding customer service which translates into a high level of customer loyalty towards the Group’s products and services. Clients value what NDS offers: In a country as sparsely populated as Norway, reliable and fast service cannot be taken for granted.

NDS products and expertise are therefore sought after not only by private customers, but the group is also trusted by industry experts. In 2020, NDS entered into a partnership with Snap Drive, a leading workshop chain in Norway located in the major urban areas of the country. The NDS Group thus closed the largest supplier contract in the Norwegian market to date.

Coming back to that E- vehicle we mentioned before - to further leverage NDS’ deep know-how and unique access to insights, the group is establishing the NDS EV Academy, providing central training of mechanics as well as location for workshops and seminars covering EV.

The group’s expertise in the field meets high demand: Norway is one of the pioneering countries in alternative drives, with an e-car first registration rate of over 70 percent.

Following this high demand, NDS, together with AURELIUS, is pursuing a steady growth strategy, both organically as well as through acquisitions and partnerships. In 2021 for example, NDS acquired the Norwegian equipment distributor Nordic Lift. Nordic Lift is one of Norway's leading distributors for workshop equipment, car washing equipment and paint boxes with a product range specifically tailored for the Norwegian market. The product portfolio is highly complementary with NDS' equipment division AutoMateriell. A good example of how AURELIUS strengthens its portfolio companies by helping them to grow both organically through the high expertise of its investment experts and inorganically through strategic add-on acquisitions.

AURELIUS as a shareholder is proud of the NDS team’s achievements and we are excited to keep supporting NDS in its mission of providing the backbone of e-mobility in Norway – making a significant contribution to greener vehicles on the streets of Europe’s most northern country.