BLAUPUNKT – a success story of German engineering


BLAUPUNKT – a success story of German engineering

The story of BLAUPUNKT is one of almost 100 years high-quality German engineering and constant innovation. From the introduction of Europe’s first car radio in 1932 to the development of the world’s first mass-produced traffic navigation system in 1989 – BLAUPUNKT today can look back on many milestones. Its unmatched legacy as a reliable and trusted technology brand has been recognized, among others, by German Brand Standards, voting BLAUPUNKT a brand of the century.

A journey of leveraging a strong brand

When AURELIUS acquired BLAUPUNKT in 2009, its electronic products for the automotive sector were already well-established worldwide. With the mission to strengthen BLAUPUNKT as an engineering and technology brand with German heritage, BLAUPUNKT’s management team together with AURELIUS created the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community in 2010 and introduced a licensing model covering the company’s core activities, thus authorising partners to utilise the brand and logo for their products if those products meet BLAUPUNKT’s rigorous requirements. To ensure these strict quality and brand standards, all products undergo a thorough approval process in which not only the product itself but also its marketing materials are being examined. And even after the licensing agreement has been signed, BLAUPUNKT continues to protect its outstanding brand value with industry-leading process control measures and scrupulous monitoring of business partners’ operations.

With more than 40 BLAUPUNKT brand licensees being part of the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community, the blue dot not only appears on the brand’s core categories consumer electronics and automotive, but also on a range of new-to-the-brand products from market categories such as E-mobility, Photovoltaics, Appliances, Garden and Power Tools and even Apparel. BLAUPUNKT’s unmatched portfolio range has significantly expanded over the years and so has the brand’s geographical reach.

The licensing model is a win-win concept for both partners. Leveraging on the premium reputation of the German heritage brand, BLAUPUNKT attracts a wide range of loyal partners, contributing to a highly profitable business model: On the one hand, product owners benefit from easier access to new markets as the BLAUPUNKT logo increases customer’s trust in their high-quality products. BLAUPUNKT on the other hand is able to leverage its ever-increasing brand visibility and awareness as well as significant growth in both product and geographical scope. The great diversity of regions and products makes the company’s business model exceptionally robust and ensures long-term growth.

From Europe to the world: Operating in more than 90 countries worldwide

Today, BLAUPUNKT’s brand is stronger than ever: Operating in more than 90 countries worldwide, the company is currently working towards closing the most successful business year in its history – just before its 100th birthday in 2024. Beside the benefits of BLAUPUNKT’s licensing model, these positive prospects are fuelled by favourable market conditions such as a growing addressable market and a rise of the global middle class.

And so, the BLAUPUNKT success story is yet another proof of AURELIUS’ concept: When each partner brings their unique expertise to the table, these strong partnerships work for the mutual benefit of everybody.