Merger of Blaupunkt Europe and brightONE business unit SPS


Merger of Blaupunkt Europe and brightONE business unit SPS

  • Bundling of product and development competences under the name “Blaupunkt Technology Group”
  • Competitive advantages and sustained growth through an integrated portfolio of products and services
  • Smart connected products aimed at increasing customer value

Hildesheim / Munich, December 18th 2013 – Blaupunkt Europe and brightONE Smart Products Solutions (SPS) are merging to become Blaupunkt Technology Group with effect from January 1st 2014. Like Blaupunkt, brightONE is a subsidiary of the Munich based AURELIUS Group.

As a result of the transfer of experts from brightONE and Blaupunkt to the Blaupunkt Technology Group the company is positioning itself as a solutions provider for product development and engineering services. The aim is to combine the core areas of Blaupunkt and brightONE SPS to provide an integrated portfolio of products and services for leading customers from the automotive, medical equipment and hi-tech electronics industry sectors.

The Blaupunkt Group is a leading vendor of consumer electronics and a system supplier for the automotive industry based in Hildesheim/Germany. With locations in Malaysia, India, China and America, the enterprise employs about 450 people. brightONE comprises the activities of the Finnish IT company Tieto in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and India, which were taken over in summer 2013. With some 900 employees and 30 years of experience in the fields of automotive, banking, energy, healthcare, hi-tech, telecommunications and insurance, brightONE has substantial expertise in technology and product development as well as information and communication technologies. The Smart Products Solutions (SPS) division with about 100 employees supports its customers in developing integrated and customised embedded systems. The former Blaupunkt Group and brightONE SPS will in future build the Blaupunkt Technology Group.

“As a system supplier of multimedia solutions for car manufacturers and customers in other industrial fields, the merger will allow us to bundle our competences, generate competitive advantages and thus create synergy potential as a solid basis for sustained growth”, explains Dr. Lars Placke, Blaupunkt’s Managing Director. “AURELIUS will also benefit from the strengthening of its international network of locations in the area of development, production, sales and logistics in Europe, Asia and North and South America,” emphasises AURELIUS CEO Dr. Dirk Markus.

Smart connected products will enable the Blaupunkt Technology Group to support their customers to utilise existing potential to full extent. Revaluing classic devices with smart features will tie future users to the brand over the long-term. Development cycles and time-to-market can be cut significantly, thus increasing efficiency. “Intelligent connected products and services will make the development investment of customers in the area of smart products engineering more efficient and flexible,” says Alexander Graf, Managing Director of brightONE. “We are convinced that this merger will enable even greater services for our customers, generating sustainable competitive advantages,” states Graf. “At brightONE we will continue to concentrate on our core competences and focus even more on the areas of consulting, system integration and software development.”

About BlaupunktThis year the Blaupunkt Group will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of its traditional “Blaupunkt” brand. In 1923, when radio was beginning to make itself heard in Germany, the company produced headphones that promised a particular level of quality under the “Ideal” company name. The “blue dot” - its symbol of quality and performance - was its trademark, which also became the company’s name in 1938. Blaupunkt is a leading brand for car radios in many parts of the world and in Europe in particular. Blaupunkt stands for quality and innovation. The company also focuses increasingly on components for consumer electronics. Up until the beginning of 2009 the company had been a part of the Bosch Group. Today Blaupunkt is an independent subsidiary of the Munich-based AURELIUS Group and once more a consumer electronics company with global operations.

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About brightONEWith 900 employees in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and India, brightONE offers advanced technology and product development as well as pioneering services in the field of information and communications technology (ICT). brightONE identifies the innovative potential of products, technologies and concepts, develops appropriate customer-specific solution approaches and applications, and transforms them into measurable results. Whether through tailored solutions for new and existing products, optimisation of production processes or innovative customer service solutions, brightONE creates sustainable competitive advantage through practical and individual consulting services beyond the standard. In this process brightONE makes use of its cross-industry expertise in the fields of automotive, banking, energy, healthcare, hi-tech & electronics, telecommunications and insurance. brightONE, which emerged from Nordic IT company Tieto and belongs to the Munich-based AURELIUS Group, can call on 30 years of experience in consulting services, systems integration and product development.

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ABOUT AURELIUSAURELIUS has been internationally successful in the market for company acquisitions for many years. It focuses on companies and spin-offs in markets with promising development potential. Acquisitions are made under AURELIUS with a long-term strategic view for further development. The parent company provides active operational support enabling its subsidiaries to benefit from its management experience and financial power. AURELIUS is thus the “GOOD HOME” for companies and their employees.

The AURELIUS Group currently has 18 affiliated companies with locations in Europe, Asia and the USA. They include traditional brands such as Blaupunkt and Berentzen as well as many industrial companies. Acquisitions are made in accordance with strict investment criteria but are not subject to any particular industry focus. The shares of AURELIUS AG are listed in the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange and traded on all German stock exchanges under ISIN DE000A0JK2A8.

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