Blaupunkt at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010


Blaupunkt at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

  • 2DIN infotainment, state-of-the-art interfaces and pure Blaupunkt design
  • Blaupunkt ECO Lite: blue dot cares for green

1st December 2010 – Blaupunkt presents brilliant sound technology, first-class entertainment and precise navigation systems at the Kuala Lumpur Motor Show from 3 to 12 December 2010 at the Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. With its new products Blaupunkt continues to push the boundaries of car multimedia - always on the basis of innovative technology and inspiring products.

The main focus of the Blaupunkt show presentation will be the highlight of the brand-new car radio generation, the 2DIN New York 800 multimedia unit with state-of-the-art interfaces and pure Blaupunkt design, along with the new ECO Car Radio Blaupunkt ECO Lite, an innovation when it comes to weight reduction and less power consumption.

The new ECO Car Radio with Integrated Speaker is fully designed by engineers of Blaupunkt Malaysia in Penang. Today, the Blaupunkt technology center in Hildesheim, Germany, is working together with Magnesium Flachprodukte GmbH, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, to design even lighter units by using high-tech material for housing and installation frame which can reduce further the ECO Car Radio to about 60% of the weight achieved today.

New York 800 - infotainment in 2DIN format

The New York 800 combines a navigation system and a diversified range of entertainment options with connectivity for all types of portable media. Designed for the increasing share of 2DIN car radio compartments available in cars today, it sports a 6.2-inch display in digital technology with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. Competent route guidance along with the integrated hands-free mobile phone system including phone book access via Bluetooth make driving safe and relaxed, and that can even include easy parallel parking with the optionally available back-up camera.

All types of portable media can be used to provide for a highly individual entertainment program. In addition to the DVD drive, this car radio is also equipped with an SDHC slot, AV inputs and front and rear USB ports for USB media or direct control of the iPod. The clean lines of the Blaupunkt design, which communicate high quality and can be easily integrated into any dashboard, round out the complete package profile.

Blaupunkt ECO Lite: the new green product

With the ECO Car Radio Blaupunkt has achieved to reduce 50% of its weight and 40% of its size compared with a conventional radio without downgrading the sound performance by removing the CD player and using lighter material. With the reduction of size and weight, this ECO Car Radio helps to reduce fuel consumption and saves space.

Blaupunkt is working closely with few OEM car manufacturers in Europe and India to equip this new product in their small car and electric vehicle projects. In coming two to three years time, Blaupunkt expects the design concept of compact car radios without CD player will become a trend of music systems in the OEM automotive industry especially in Europe. A derivative design of the ECO Car Radio is the ECO Car Radio with Integrated Speaker. It aims purely to solve critical weight problems in realizing small car and electric car projects. The 2DIN size car radio eliminates the conventional 4 piece speakers in the car cabin. No additional vehicle harness, cabling and no drilling hole is required in the vehicle to fix the door and shelves speakers. The integrated radio speaker is equipped with an RDS FM & AM tuner that keeps you connected to your favorite radio station wherever you travel. With the USB features that support MP3 and WMA file formats, the built in speaker is powerful and loud enough for a great non-stop entertainment experience along your journey.

More green technology products

Besides the new products ECO Car Radio and Eco Car Radio with Integrated Speaker, Blaupunkt currently is supplying two products that are related to green technology needs. Blaupunkt has its own neodymium speakers, the lightest material used in speaker technology for OEM sound solutions. This new technology saves around 65% of weight per unit compared to the conventional big ferrite magnet material used to make a speaker.

The other currently running green product is a start-stop audio amplifier, supplied to one of the OEM car manufacturers in Germany. Besides saving fuel consumption, the reduction of CO2 emissions has top priority for all the car automakers. One of the solutions for this concept is to stop the car engine when idling. With the help of a start-stop amplifier, you will not experience any interruption when the vehicle engine generator is stopped during engine idling phase. Thanks to the start-stop amplifier’s self-boost technology that maintains product performance during vehicle voltage drops not a single tone of your favorite car entertainment program will get lost. The eight-channel 35 W RMS output that support surround sound format ensures highest sound experience in in-car entertainment.

The Blaupunkt Group based in Hildesheim, Germany, is an internationally significant supplier of car radios, sound components and consumer electronics.

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