AURELIUS Executive Board to propose payment of record dividend of EUR 5.00 per share


AURELIUS Executive Board to propose payment of record dividend of EUR 5.00 per share

  • Base dividend rises to EUR 1.50 per share (+ 50 %)
  • Participation dividend from successful exits of EUR 3.50 per share
  • Change in dividend policy – basic dividend raised permanently, dividends from this year’s exits to be spread over several years
  • Current dividend return of over 9%

Munich, 5 December 2017 – The Executive Board of AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA (ISIN DE000A0JK2A8) will propose to the Supervisory Board for the annual shareholder meeting on 18 May 2018 a considerable increase in the dividend to EUR 5.00 (2017: EUR 4.00) per share, made up of a base dividend of EUR 1.50 and a participation dividend of EUR 3.50 per share.

Reflecting the very positive growth of the AURELIUS Group in all areas, the base dividend will go up significantly and permanently from EUR 1.00 in 2017 to EUR 1.50 per share, a 50 percent increase. At the current share price level, this represents an attractive dividend return of slightly below 3 percent. An additional EUR 3.50 dividend per share (2017: EUR 3.00) for successful exits since the last annual shareholder meeting on 21 June 2017 is being proposed as well. The resulting overall dividend of EUR 5.00 per share corresponds to a high dividend return of over 9 percent.

With this dividend proposal AURELIUS has made a change in its dividend policy. This significant, permanent increase in the basic dividend underlines the ongoing earnings strength of the company’s business model. The positive results from this year’s exits will be paid out over several years, ensuring that in 2018 and the years thereafter attractive participation dividends can be paid out.

“2017 has been a record year for AURELIUS. This year we have already paid out over EUR 260 million in the form of dividends and share buybacks, and we plan to continue to include our shareholders in our positive cashflow generation with a very attractive payout ratio,” noted Steffen Schiefer, Group CFO of AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA.