AURELIUS sells c. 21.88 percent of Berentzen Group AG


AURELIUS sells c. 21.88 percent of Berentzen Group AG

Munich, 2 March 2016 – The AURELIUS Group (ISIN DE000A0JK2A8) has successfully placed 2,100,000 shares in Berentzen Group AG (ISIN DE0005201602) in a private placement to institutional investors. After the transaction, AURELIUS still holds c. 29.17 percent of Berentzen.

The Berentzen Group is a subsidiary of AURELIUS since 2008 and since that time has transformed from a restructuring case to a profitable and broadly diversified producer of beverages. This success is the result of the consistent implementation of the classic AURELIUS strategy. “We reorganised the Berentzen Group efficiently and with the right investments we returned it to a path to growth”, says Gert Purkert. Mr. Purkert is a member of the Executive Board of AURELIUS and was responsible for the realignment of Berentzen. He is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Berentzen. “AURELIUS has succeeded in rejuvenating a major German brand. After realignment, Berentzen is on a profitable growth trajectory and is now in an excellent competitive position on the future markets for the beverage industry.”

After taking over the family-run business, AURELIUS focused spirits production at the Minden location. This was one of the factors that lowered costs on a long-term basis by reducing complexity and optimising the product range. With extensive investments in the trend market for healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle products, the Berentzen Group was put on a course for growth. Today this blossoming business is based on two profitable pillars. In addition to the international growth of the Berentzen brand in the traditional business field of spirits, it is mainly new types of products from the non-alcoholic range that are driving sales and income. “Having taken over Citrocasa, a provider of freshly squeezed orange juice at the point of sale, Berentzen is now the trendsetter in German-speaking countries for healthy and ecologically sustainable beverages”, explains Gert Purkert.

Berenberg accompanied the transaction as the sole bookrunner.



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