AURELIUS subsidiary SECOP wins the Innovation Award 2015


AURELIUS subsidiary SECOP wins the Innovation Award 2015

  • SECOP honored with the Innovation Award 2015 on the occasion of the China Refrigeration Exhibition 2015
  • Strong growth on sustainable products for the world of tomorrow
  • Very good start to the current year

Munich, May 26, 2015 – The AURELIUS subsidiary SECOP, a specialist in advanced compressor technology, was honored once again for its successful research and development with the Innovation Award 2015 at the world’s biggest trade exhibition China Refrigeration Exhibition 2015 in Shanghai. The company also received this year’s Environmental Pioneer Award for its pioneering role in the development of environmentally friendly technologies. “We are delighted to have been honored again with innovation awards for our products, and especially for winning both awards this year,” said Mogens Søholm, Speaker of the Management of SECOP. “There is tremendous future potential for new compressor products that sustainably protect the environment, are energy-efficient and quiet, operate with environmentally friendly refrigerants, and are built with less materials. These features address the global megatrend, and that is our mission at SECOP.”

SECOP specializes in advanced compressor technology. The globally active company supports its customers on a long-term basis by developing new products and custom solutions. The new variable-speed compressor KXV for which the company received an award in Shanghai embodies a highly innovative technology of the future. The KXV compressor can be traced back to the successful acquisition of ACC in late 2013, which created an opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. The KXV compressor unites the world’s best pump technology in the Kappa compressor with the world’s best motor and electronics technology in the XV. The XV and KXV compressor products meet the highest standards for energy efficiency. The compact model size allows for an unrivalled price-performance ratio, which broadens the addressable market considerably.

“Long-term growth in this industry depends on offering the products of tomorrow,” said Gert Purkert of the AURELIUS Executive Board. “By maintaining a position of technology leadership, we have guided our subsidiary SECOP on a course of sustainable growth in the last few years.”

Most of SECOP’s divisions exhibited a positive performance in the last fiscal year. The Light Commercial Division generated growth particularly in Asia and the Middle East. The increasingly widespread conversion to the environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant propane (R290) in the Light Commercial segment offers tremendous future potential. This process has been utilized in Europe for some time already, but the changed regulatory requirements in the United States are now incentivizing this conversion in this huge market. SECOP has formed a sales and logistics team in the United States to participate in the expected growth of this market.

In the Household segment, SECOP continues to focus on extending its technology leadership position in the area of variable-speed compressors.


About Secop

Secop GmbH is a leading compressor manufacturer whose mission is to develop, produce, and support solutions offering the highest quality and the greatest energy efficiency.

Active in the three segments of refrigeration and freezer technology for private households, light commercial refrigeration systems, and DC-powered refrigeration, Secop has developed a number of compressors that operate with hydrocarbons like R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). Formerly known as Danfoss Household Compressors, Secop has been a member of the AURELIUS Group since 2010.

In more than 50 years of successful operation, Secop has established a strong presence in the European market and is now embarking on a promising future as a globally active company. Secop’s goal is to be the industry leader that sets the highest performance standard. This is the core element of Secop’s claim to “Setting the Standard.”