AURELIUS subsidiary Getronics initiates relaunch of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA)


AURELIUS subsidiary Getronics initiates relaunch of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA)

  • CompuCom Systems Inc. brought on board as GWA Co-Lead
  • Intensification of global orientation through strategic partnerships with leading ICT providers worldwide
  • New service offering expected to fuel growth spurt

Munich, November 4, 2015 – The AURELIUS subsidiary Getronics has completed the repositioning of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA). To this end, Getronics entered into a long-term partnership with the U.S. company CompuCom in late July. The two globally active ICT service companies will jointly lead the new GWA in the future, while also intensifying cooperation with selected strategic partners. They have implemented an extensive capital spending program with the aim of offering customers a completely new, market-leading and user-focused workspace solution. Partners include the Franco-Swiss company SPIE, Eire Systems in Japan, NSC in Italy, AGCN in the Middle East, Centric in the Netherlands, S&T in Eastern Europe, and Infocare in Scandinavia, as well as other local market leaders. Furthermore, Getronics is making strategic acquisitions and expanding its partnership with Tecnocom in order to considerably expand the GWA’s presence in Latin America. With a total of approximately 30,000 employees, the new GWA will offer first-in-class services and innovative workspace solutions to customers in 90 countries of the world.

New standard tools and processes have been introduced to ensure the seamless, worldwide availability of services and also place a greater emphasis on user-focused services. The trailblazing portfolio, backed by excellent support from local providers, is aimed at the fast-growing number of globally active companies that require more and more IT-versed and mobile workers.

For Getronics, the reorientation of the GWA offers several advantages. First, the further standardization of collaboration and services will contribute to a sustained increase in profitability. Above all, the strengthened partnerships and new partnerships in some cases will open up new growth opportunities for Getronics and make it possible to serve both globally active customers and local, medium-sized customers that nonetheless rely on the international reach of their ICT service provider.

Thomas Fetten, Member of the Management Board of Getronics: “This partnership reconfirms our commitment to further growing the Getronics Group and our ambition for the GWA to become the partner of choice in the international ICT market. In the twelve months since implementing these changes, the GWA has seen its orders increase three-fold and expects the new services to deliver continued growth in the years ahead. ”

Bill Bancroft, Vice President and Managing Director of Global Services Operations at CompuCom: “We have worked closely with Getronics to improve the structure and processes of the GWA with a view to delivering a comprehensive end-user experience regardless of geography. The Global Workspace Alliance brings together experienced and forward-thinking IT providers with a passion for global business. We look forward to providing our clients with the solutions they need to deliver the best possible service to their employees and clients.”

About the Global Workspace Alliance:

Led by Getronics and CompuCom, the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA) is a consortium of leading IT providers strategically located in more than 90 countries around the world. Working together, they provide IT support and workspace solutions to global companies. The portfolio comprises proactive support, user-focused solutions, and seamless global on-site support.

About Getronics:

The Getronics Group is a leading ICT services company consisting of the brands Getronics and Connectis, which is owned by the Munich-based AURELIUS Group. With a history dating back more than 125 years, Getronics has approximately 6,000 employees in 18 countries across Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Getronics offers the full spectrum of integrated ICT services for large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations. This includes workspace, applications, communication, data centers, cloud solutions, consulting, and product and managed services. For more information, please visit

About CompuCom:

CompuCom Systems, Inc., a global company headquartered in Dallas, Texas (USA), provides IT and infrastructure solutions, consulting services, and products to large corporations. Founded in 1987, the company employs approximately 11,500 associates today. For more information, please visit