AURELIUS successful in third quarter


AURELIUS successful in third quarter

  • Preliminary figures confirm successful third quarter
  • Particularly operative performance well above previous year’s level
  • Positive one-time effect due to acquisition of Berentzen

Munich, 31 October 2008 – Munich based industrial holding AURELIUS can look back on a very successful third quarter. As preliminary figures confirm today, sales and earnings development are above the expectations of the company. Sales of the first nine months compared to the previous year increased from 181.7 million euro to about 465 million euro. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) without taking into account positive one-time effects arising from the initial consolidation of Berentzen amounted to about 34 million euro. The operating business of the group accounts for around 28 million euro of sales. About 6 million euro result from the realization of bargain purchases. The initial consolidation of Berentzen will in the aggregate lead to additional positive low double-digit million euro one-time effect. ‘Already today, about a month ahead of the release of our report on the first nine months, these first preliminary figures indicate a very successful quarter’, Dr Dirk Markus, CEO of AURELIUS, explains.

The portfolio companies of AURELIUS show a very positive business performance. Important mile stones in the process of their particular realignment were reached. Despite economic cloudiness and first recessive market tendencies, especially in the area of consumer goods, the company expects a continuing profitable growth trend in the current fourth quarter. AURELIUS moreover intends to use the current attractive valuations to generate additional growth through further acquisitions in the course of this fiscal year.

The complete report on the first nine months of 2008 as well as a detailed outlook on the expected performance for the rest of the year will be published by AURELIUS by end of November.


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