AURELIUS subsidiary SILVAN opens new DIY centre


AURELIUS subsidiary SILVAN opens new DIY centre

Frederikshavn, 16 December 2017 – SILVAN closed its outlet in Frederikshavn earlier this year as part of its sale of the Silvan chain. With the opening of the new store on Knivholtvej on 16 December, the residents of Frederikshavn can now look forward to a DIY store that in many ways is very different to what they have been used to.

The new SILVAN DIY centre has been designed to offer a range that is based on the purchasing patterns and preferred products of the residents of Frederikshavn. The building does not have quite the same ceiling height as normal, but this has been a conscious choice.

“We have aimed at creating a different DIY store. We have analysed very carefully what our customers in Frederikshavn have previously purchased. That is why we know precisely the products that our customers are looking for. We have also designed the store to enable customers to find what they need quickly and easily. In combination with the friendly and more intimate atmosphere that the building has allowed us to create, we very much look forward to being able to welcome customers in for coffee and rolls when we open at 8 am on 16 December,” says HR and Sales Director Jimmy Viedemann from SILVAN.

The new store has a floor area of 1,400 square metres. Large sections both in front and behind the store have been reserved for seasonal products and timber. The super-convenient location on Knivholtvej has also made it possible to get all the way around the building to make it easy to access the timber yard, the goods collection point and the tool hire service.

In its new store, SILVAN has made room for as many as 8,000 product numbers, but SILVAN’s online Click & Collect system means that about 18,000 product numbers are available for delivery to the customer or collection in-store.

“We usually like our stores to be very large, but we believe that customers will welcome a DIY store that is friendly and has been adapted to local purchasing patterns. That is why we are always on the lookout for new opportunities for DIY centres around the country where we see the option of combining an ideal location with an investment in the sort of local DIY store that many people remember from ‘the old days’,” adds Jimmy Viedemann who himself has worked for SILVAN for 20 years.

For further information, please contact:

HR and Sales Director Jimmy Viedemann, SILVAN, tel: 24 67 13 89 /

Head of Marketing & E-commerce Martin Pihl, SILVAN, tel: 21 59 08 93 /