AURELIUS School for Syrian refugee children in Turkey


AURELIUS School for Syrian refugee children in Turkey

  • AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. to fund a school for Syrian refugees in Turkey
  • Improved prospects of a return to their home country for refugee children and their families after the conflict in Syria has ended

Munich, December 2017 – AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. will fund a school for Syrian refugee children in western Turkey. The new AURELIUS School will be run locally by Avicenna Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V. and will provide tuition for 50 refugee children. Classes in Arabic and mathematics should provide the Syrian civil war refugees with better educational prospects near to their home country of Syria. There will also be Turkish language classes as well as evening classes for up to 25 women.

It is estimated that up to 250,000 Syrian refugees are currently living in the region around the western Turkish city of Izmir. In theory, refugee children can attend school in Turkey. However, administrative obstacles and language problems often mean that in reality these children cannot take part in state-run education. Most of the refugee children do not speak Turkish and have limited prospects of success at a Turkish school as a result. The majority of the children over the age of 10 work as day labourers in agriculture instead of going to school. The AURELIUS School will help them to create a better future for themselves.


AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V.

Employees and the Executive Board of AURELIUS Holding established AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. at the end of 2015. This charitable association is financed by donations from employees and the Executive Board of AURELIUS. The aim of the association is to sponsor various aid projects that provide humanitarian aid and financial support to refugees on their path to a safer life.