AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. supports the A24 Workshop Integration Project


AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. supports the A24 Workshop Integration Project

  • A24 trains asylum-seekers as workshop assistants in commercial and technical fields
  • Qualification as a key part of integration
  • First participants will soon finish the programme and enter working life in Germany

Munich, March 2018 – The AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. has donated EUR 108,000 to the A24 Workshop Integration Project by the Munich-based mobility company Spectrum Mobil. A24 is the largest charitable, non-brand-associated car and motorcycle repair workshop in the Munich area. A24 also supports professionally disadvantaged skilled and unskilled asylum-seekers through a qualification programme. The goal is to successfully place programme graduates in the job market.

The programme, supported by the AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V., started in mid-November 2017. It was originally intended for 18 participants, but due to high interest it was expanded to 23 participants, primarily from the Middle East and Africa. The project has already more than met expectations. All participants share a strong desire to become integrated in German society, and after completing the programme to work in jobs that enable them to support themselves and their families.

A24 supports participants linguistically and professionally, so that after successfully completing the programme they hold certified qualifications as skilled assistants and can be fully integrated in the job market.

Spectrum Mobil GmbH

Spectrum Mobil GmbH in Munich is a mobility service provider. In addition to its two business divisions, it also promotes the professional and social integration of disadvantaged persons in a market-oriented society, and thus has built expertise in education, qualification, further training and professional rehabilitation.

With the A24 car and motorcycle workshops, carsharing provider STATTAUTO Munich, and an experienced team of educators and trade instructors, Spectrum Mobil GmbH is in a very good position to provide these services. Spectrum’s trademark is the inclusion of trainees and employees in the actual work of an active company, combined with simultaneous socio-educational assistance.

AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V.

Employees and the Executive Board of AURELIUS Holding established AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V. at the end of 2015. This charitable association is financed by donations from employees, the Executive Board and friends of AURELIUS. The aim of the association is to sponsor various projects that provide humanitarian assistance and financial support to refugees on their path to a safer life.