AURELIUS: Preliminary results


AURELIUS: Preliminary results

  • Consolidated sales increase to EUR 316 m
  • EBITDA of approx. EUR 71 m significantly above guidance
  • Further increase in sales and results expected for 2008

Munich-based industrial holding AURELIUS AG exceeded its own forecast in the financial year 2007 based on preliminary unaudited figures. The dynamic growth continued in the last quarter of 2007. The AURELIUS group achieved sales of EUR 316 m in 2007 (previous year: EUR 21.7 m). The EBITDA of the industrial holding increased to approx. EUR 71 m (previous year EUR 4.2 m) and is significantly above the guidance.

The figures for the financial year include positive and negative one-time-effects. The figures were positively affected by the realisation of negative goodwills resulting from the initial consolidation of newly acquired investments in the amount of approx. EUR 58m. Negative effects were caused by restructuring charges as well as accruals for future restructuring in the amount of approx. EUR 12 m. 

"We have exceeded our own objectives, which we had already raised in November 2007 due to the strong progression of our business, particularly with a view to our results. We expect a further increase in sales and results in the current year and in particular expect to increase sales to more than EUR 1bn on an annualized basis”, says AURELIUS board member Ulrich Radlmayr. The audited annual accounts and the annual report are expected to be published by the end of March.