AURELIUS Equity Opportunities acquires Belgian-based Norsk Hydro Precision Tubing from Norsk Hydro


AURELIUS Equity Opportunities acquires Belgian-based Norsk Hydro Precision Tubing from Norsk Hydro

  • Leading international supplier of welded aluminium tubes to industrial product, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and automotive customers in more than 30 countries
  • Vertically integrated cast house, allowing for production of scrap-based and low-carbon-footprint tubes
  • Classic AURELIUS carve-out transaction, including the re-introduction of the heritage “Remi Claeys Aluminium” brand

Munich / Amsterdam, 5 July 2021 - AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA (ISIN: DE000A0JK2A8) today announces the acquisition of the aluminium precision tubing business from Norsk Hydro Group. The acquired business currently employs more than 180 people and generated revenues of approximately EUR 50 million in 2020. The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2021. Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

The aluminium precision tubing business operates an integrated and circular plant in Lichtervelde, Belgium. From this production site the company supplies customers in more than 30 countries globally with a strong focus on Western Europe. Its main markets are Germany, France, Poland and United Kingdom. Because the plant solely uses recycled aluminium in its production process, the tubes produced in Lichtervelde have a low carbon footprint. The company has a long-standing reputation for high quality products and service delivery. This reputation is supported by a focus on excellence, as evidenced by its 99 % on-time deliveries and 15 years average client tenure. Total demand for aluminium products has a long term trend of stable growth, and the Company is well positioned to benefit from the increase of automated production at its customers.

As part of the carve-out, the company will re-adopt the “Remi Claeys Aluminium” banner, referencing back to the name of its founder in 1949. “We are excited to welcoming the Norsk Hydro precision tubing business to AURELIUS and are enthusiastic about reintroducing the “Remi Claeys Aluminium” brand and expanding the business under this historical banner,” said Matthias Täubl, CEO of AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA. “The transaction is another textbook AURELIUS carve-out transaction. Together with the committed and capable management team and employee base we see strong potential to increase volumes and profits in this industry. We have seen strong activity on the acquisition side this year so far, and our pipeline for further acquisitions remains strong. By the end of the year we will very likely also see some smaller exits. Overall 2021 has been a strong year so far and we believe this positive trend is going to continue over the coming months.”