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27.12.2013  // AURELIUS Tochter brightONE kauft Telenet GmbH Kommunikationssysteme

  • Hohes Potenzial zur Erschließung neuer Kundensegmente durch führende Social-CRM Lösung
  • Innovative Sprachdialoganwendungen erweitern Produktportfolio von brightONE

20.12.2013  // Aurelius sells healthcare activity of brightONE to T-Systems

  • Strategic market entry for T-Systems
  • brightONE Healthcare (HC) number four in the market

18.12.2013  // Merger of Blaupunkt Europe and brightONE business unit SPS

  • Bundling of product and development competences under the name “Blaupunkt Technology Group”
  • Competitive advantages and sustained growth through an integrated portfolio of products and services
  • Smart connected products aimed at increasing customer value

12.12.2013  // Secop passes an important milestone in the takeover of ACC Austria

  • Europäische Kommission gibt grünes Licht
  • Aufstieg zum größten unabhängigen Anbieter in Europa
  • Innovationsführerschaft und starkes Produktangebot bieten Wachstumschancen
  • Neue Secop Austria GmbH soll Betrieb zum 7. Januar 2014 aufnehmen

14.11.2013  // AURELIUS with revenue growth and positive developments in its portfolio of subsidiaries in the first nine months of 2013

  • Consolidated revenues up 24 percent
  • Operational EBITDA up 4 percent to EUR 63.8 million despite disposals of profitable subsidiaries last year
  • Cash and cash equivalents at record high of EUR 268.1 million
  • Brisk transaction activities expected in the coming months 

11.11.2013  // AURELIUS Tochter fidelis HR gewinnt Großauftrag

  • Currenta übergibt Gehaltsanrechnung an fidelis HR
  • Auftragshöhe liegt im oberen einstelligen Millionenbereich

08.10.2013  // AURELIUS invests again in HR outsourcing and personnel services

  • fidelis HR GmbH acquires HCM Gilde GmbH
  • Add-on acquisition reinforces services portfolio and management
  • Accelerating trend for long-term HR outsourcing

02.10.2013  // HanseYachts AG weiter auf Wachstumskurs

  • Belegschaft soll um mehr als 100 neue Mitarbeiter erweitert werden

01.10.2013  // AURELIUS-owned Getronics family partners with NEC to address market opportunities and acquires NEC Enterprise Solutions’ direct sales and service activities in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland

  • NEC and the Getronics family to form a long-term strategic partnership in Enterprise Communications
  • Business expansion by addressing broader market opportunities and growing demand for Unified Communications with enhanced portfolio

21.08.2013  // Blaupunkt celebrates its 75th anniversary

  • From quality seal to trademark
  • How this traditional brand has adapted to the times
  • It is time for a retrospective celebration at IFA 2013

14.08.2013  // AURELIUS with a considerable increase in revenues and net operating income in the first half of the year

  • Consolidated revenues up 33 percent, operating EBITDA up 36 percent
  • Already five acquisitions and one exit in the first half of 2013
  • Considerable increase in AURELIUS

05.08.2013  // AURELIUS increases investment in Getronics

  • AURELIUS increases interest to 78% via capital increase
  • Options were agreed upon to acquire the remaining 22 percent
  • Strategy of add-on acquisitions successful
  • Getronics Workspace Alliance raises customer interest

12.06.2013  // AURELIUS reinforces education business

  • AURELIUS subsidiary LD Didactic acquires ELWE® Technik product portfolio
  • ELWE® Technik is a long-standing premium vendor of educational systems and equipment
  • High synergy effects thanks to common technology base and distribution

16.05.2013  // AURELIUS AG: Press release for the 2013 annual general meeting

  • All proposed resolutions adopted with large majorities
  • Record dividend of EUR 4.10 per share (up 105 percent) and free shares to be issued at a ratio of 1:2
  • New Supervisory Board elected

07.05.2013  // AURELIUS continues on its path of success in the first quarter

  • Consolidated sales revenue up 60 percent
  • Operating EBITDA rises by 82 percent to €22.4 million
  • Already four acquisitions in 2013
  • Positive outlook for 2013 

25.04.2013  // AURELIUS subsidiary SECOP to take over compressor manufacturer ACC Austria

  • Important strategic step for SECOP and ACC
  • Industrial concept secures the production site and approx. 700 jobs at ACC
  • Preventing company liquidation

08.04.2013  // AURELIUS plans to issue free shares at a ratio of 1:2

  • Liquidity and attractiveness of the share to be further increased
  • Number of shares in issue to be tripled

03.04.2013  // AURELIUS takes over TDS HR Services & Solutions from TDS

  • TDS HR Services & Solutions is a leading provider of outsourced human-relations (HR) services
  • Turnover of approximately EUR 60 million and around 20 locations in the German-speaking countries

28.03.2013  // AURELIUS publishes annual report for record year 2012

  • Consolidated revenues rise to €1,378.1 million (+9%)
  • Fiscal year 2012 distinguished by successful transactions
  • Operating EBITDA at record level of €114.0 million (+28%)
  • Dividend up 105 percent to €4.10/share
  • Positive outlook for the Group

07.03.2013  // AURELIUS Management Board proposes a dividend of €4.10 per share for financial year 2012

  • 105 percent increase in the distribution of dividends to a total of €39.4 million after the most successful financial year in the company's history

28.02.2013  // AURELIUS announces preliminary consolidated figures for record year 2012

  • Revenues rise to €1,378.1 million
  • EBITDA of the combined group up 153 percent to €163.7 million
  • Cash and cash equivalents at a historic high of €244.7 million (+58%)

04.02.2013  // AURELIUS to expand its IT Services segment substantially

  • It will acquire the German and Dutch activities of the Finnish Tieto Corporation
  • Seller to focus on its core markets
  • AURELIUS to acquire the divisions Systems Integration & Consulting, Healthcare and Product Engineering Solutions, with approximately 900 employees in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and India