Social Engagement

Influence, amplify impulses and take responsibility.

Social Engagement

As entrepreneurs, we experience how our actions directly and indirectly affect the social lives of many people every day. 

Each decision releases an impulse, the effects of which radiate outward like the waves caused by a stone tossed into the water. Unfortunately, in business, the results are not uniform. What can have a positive effect on one person can cause a serious problem for another. Ultimately, we can only be conscious of our responsibility and weigh our actions to the best of our knowledge and belief in this regard.

Based on this awareness, we are particularly concerned about fulfilling our social responsibilities – both privately and in the name of the AURELIUS Group. Years ago, the AURELIUS Group initiated a campaign to collect funds for important social projects at Christmas time. AURELIUS doubles the amounts collected by its employees. Every year there is a substantial sum with which we can help people.

Our aim is to strengthen these impulses. We would be pleased if you, as a business partner, friend, or socially responsible citizen, would support our campaigns in the future.

Many thanks for your support!

The Executive Board of AURELIUS Group


Christmas Donation 2019

AURELIUS makes Christmas donation of EUR 68,000 this year to the charitable association AVICENNA Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.

Christmas Donation 2018

Donations of around EUR 50,000 collected at the AURELIUS Christmas party​

Christmas Donation 2017

Donation drive at the Christmas party raises EUR 270,000 for the AURELIUS Refugee Initiative

Christmas Donation 2016

70,000 euros for the AURELIUS Refugee Initiative e.V.

Christmas Donation 2015

AURELIUS supports refugees in need with EUR 1.25 million

Christmas Donation 2014

€27,860 education for Sharana

The employees of the Munich-based AURELIUS Group reached into their own pockets to give children an opportunity for the future. The 2014 Christmas party once again provided the setting for the annual fundraiser. The total of €27,860 benefits Sharana. The social development organization from Puducherry in India supports people there by helping them help themselves. It empowers families with its integrative, comprehensive, and holistic approach, providing them with material support to send their children to school. Support centers are built in slums, the provision of medical care is improved, and education about contraceptive methods or instructions for improving hygiene are promoted.

Sharana is an important project for AURELIUS. Education is the key to a better future. It is necessary that all people benefit from general improvements – in particular in countries with robust economic development. They need the opportunity to profit from this change. "Small organizations often have the advantage of not only providing financial resources, but also of working with heart and soul on the implementation of ideas", says AURELIUS CEO Dr. Dirk Markus. "I would like to thank our employees for their generosity."

AURELIUS will also continue its fund-raising activities.

For more information, visit Sharana's website at


At Christmas time in 2013, we collected for the “SchlaU-Schule” Project. The   SchlaU-Schule is a state-approved school for young refugees in Munich. About 220 adolescents are instructed in up to 15 classes there in areas similar to the core subjects taught at Bavarian upper elementary schools and middle schools and are prepared for graduation exams. The assistance provided to these students goes beyond instruction and includes targeted, intensive and individualized support to enable these adolescents to enter the mainstream German education and training system after only a short time and continue their development there.

Our employees donated to this school. The amount raised was even doubled by AURELIUS. In late February 2014, the CEO of AURELIUS AG, Dr. Dirk Markus, handed the donations to the SchlaU-Schule in the form of a symbolic check.

The total amount raised was EUR 47,400!


A good day for orphans in the Dominican Republic: AURELIUS finances an orphanage for Azioni Niños Felices

AURELIUS was under a lucky star when it celebrated Christmas 2012. AURELIUS and its entire team could look back on a record year. The great pleasure in their own success motivated our employees to dig deeply into their pockets. The raffle they organized raised an outstanding EUR 10,035. AURELIUS doubled this amount so that EUR 20,070 was donated to Azioni Niños Felices e.V.

“EUR 20,070 can do a lot of good. The laughter of children is the best reward,” said Dr. Dirk Markus, CEO of the AURELIUS Group.Azioni Niños Felices e.V. expressed its sincere appreciation to our employees and will report on the construction of the new orphanage building in the course of the year.

Azioni Niños Felices e.V. has been helping orphans and poor children in the Dominican Republic since 2001. Its members are currently caring for 115 foster children on site in the Dominican Republic. They have built a school for over 100 children, and an orphanage for 60 orphans is currently under construction. “Many thanks for your fantastic fund-raising campaign,” said Enzo Giardino, founder of the association and chairman of the board. “Every euro donated benefits children and their families. All the members of Azioni Niños Felices e.V. are volunteers and bear all the administrative costs themselves.”

Here is a link to the report on the 2012 Christmas donations (PDF).


We also collected donations for good causes in our 2010 and 2011 Christmas campaigns:

  • 2011: Science Lab – so that children learn more.
  • 2010: Target – Rüdiger Nehberg’s human rights organization