Protection of Environment

Protection of Environment

AURELIUS is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and business activities through ecologically responsible action and sound processes. 

In so doing, it is our goal to minimise pollution and increase our contribution to environmental protection with lasting effect. As our company continues to grow, we are working to incorporate ecological considerations more thoroughly into our decision-making, and have anchored this in our ESG Guideline.

Environmental aspects in the acquisition process

AURELIUS refrains from investing in emissions-intensive companies or companies in the defence industry. During the acquisition process we make sure that the respective company can demonstrate compliance with locally applicable requirements for plant safety and environmental protection, and that the company has taken the necessary precautions against environmental damage. 

CO₂ emissions in the AURELIUS Group

The AURELIUS Group companies are subject to the respective applicable legal requirements and monitoring processes. 

Press Release: AURELIUS to offset CO₂ emissions from air travel in 2020 | View Certificate (german)

The AURELIUS Group has set itself the target of reducing Group-wide CO₂ emissions by 30 percent from 2019 to 2025.

Environmental guidelinies

In our environmental protection guidelines we commit ourselves to the responsible use of natural resources and to the reduction of our resource consumption. In the Holding companies and in the Group companies, resource conservation measures and policies are regularly reviewed and implemented.

Influence of business travel at the Holding level

The AURELIUS Group is a Europe-wide investment group with offices in Munich, London, Stockholm, Madrid and Amsterdam. At the Holding level, business travel is the greatest factor in CO2 emissions. In order to keep negative environmental impacts as low as possible, all employees are required by AURELIUS travel policy to plan trips for maximum efficiency, and to avoid unnecessary travel. Among other things, we use videoconferencing and other modern means of communications in order to minimise the need for travel among our locations. Our travel management is also regularly reviewed towards minimising emissions occasioned by business travel. 

AURELIUS expects its Group companies:

  • To strictly comply with environmental laws applicable at the respective location.
  • To prevent environmental damage through professional risk management.
  • To reduce/minimise their consumption of energy, hazardous material and water
  • To avoid creating waste, or where this is not possible, to minimise it.
  • To strive for the highest possible rate of reuse and recycling.

Environmental Responsibility at the subsidiaries of the AURELIUS Group:

Office Depot Europe

Office Depot Europe is a leading European vendor for office supplies, printing and document services, paper, computers and printers, business services such as facility management, and office furniture, with direct sales to over 1.2 million small and mid-sized firms across Europe via its two brands: Office Depot and Viking. According to its coverage, Office Depot developed various guiding principles for supplying or producing goods and providing services. Office Depot committed itself to report these guidelines transparently and to audit compliance by independent, accredited third parties. Examples of this are the independent assessment of environmental performance under ISO14001, greenhouse gas footprint under ISO14064 and environmental product claims by external consultants Newleaf Sustainability Practice. In that context, each supplier has to follow and adhere to Office Depot’s Supplier Guiding Principles – closely tracking and regularly inspecting them –, so that Office Depot can ensure that only goods and services sourced from ethically and environmentally sustainable production are being distributed.

Environmental Responsibility at Office Depot Europe (PDF)

CALACHEM (Grangemouth, Schottland)

CALACHEM is working toward sustainable development, operates within the valid legal framework and meets all licensing requirements. The company works according to defined principles with regard to safety, health and environmental protection. 

CALACHEM is a member of the British Chemical Industries Association (CIS) and the Responsible Care Program, and certified to recognised standards (BSI 14001). The company is active in its local communities and communicates regularly with authorities, politicians and municipal associations.

CALACHEM is making a sustained effort to reduce its energy consumption and waste volume, in order to achieve the maximum environmental efficiency of all production processes. Management has overall responsibility for matters of safety, health and environmental protection. In addition, there are regular meetings of SH&E (Safety, Health and Environment) committees and responsible persons.


Briar Chem makes products intended to protect a wide range of cereals, ensure good harvests despite challenging climate conditions, and prevent disease outbreaks in cattle and sheep. The company also makes products of key importance for the leather, textile and plastics industries.

Briar Chemicals pays special attention to the regulations of COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards). The company’s efforts in the areas of safety, health, environmental protection and quality are integral parts of its business activities, as is reflected in the following voluntary commitments:

  • Ensure health and safety
  • Minimise effects on the environment
  • Ensure that neighbours are not disturbed
  • Meet customer requirements

Briar Chemicals strictly follows international quality and environmental management standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. As an independent manufacturer, Briar Chemicals remains true to its principle of building good public relations through comprehensive external communications programmes. Briar Chemicals is a member of the British Chemical Industries Association (CIA) and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). The company also follows the guidelines of the Responsible Care Program. It has its own power supply and waste treatment systems, so that Briar Chemicals can supply its plants with energy independently and contribute to environmental protection at the same time.

WYCHEM (Newmarket, Suffolk/UK)

Wychem is committed to sustainability, and has aligned its processes with environmental standard ISO 14001. This standard requires sustainable operations, energy conservation, waste avoidance, and strategies and measures for recycling. 

Wychem has also committed itself to reducing the environmental footprint of its activities to a minimum, and to that end has put in place an integrated policy to maintain quality, health protection, safety and environmental protection. The policy has four primary objectives:

  • Social progress that considers the needs of each individual
  • Effective environmental protection
  • Thoughtful use of natural resources
  • Ensuring high and stable business growth and employment

At the minimum, Wychem ensures that it complies with all applicable environmental protection legislation in all jurisdictions in which the company operates. 

Wychem maintains a number of proven environmental protection measures and developments, and regularly inspects them in order to offer shareholders the highest possible value creation while also ensuring sustainability. 


Silvan is a Danish “do-it-yourself” (DIY) retail chain and operates more than 42 DIY stores and an online shop in Denmark, where it mainly serves individual customers. Silvan’s locations, which are conveniently located close to larger cities, offer traditional DIY products such as building materials and garden supplies, as well as home improvement. In additional to traditional customer services such as click-and-collect, Silvan also offers full-range drive-up options, custom services such as woodcutting and paint mixing, as well as machine and trailer rentals. 

Green initiatives

  • LEDs in stores: Implementation is ongoing and all stores will be changed to LEDs in 2020.
  • Waste management at stores & headquarters: Introduction of waste management measures and tracking in stores and headquarters with continuous optimization.
  • E-Commerce: Complete packaging to be replaced with sustainable material.
  • Saving paper: Reduction of the physical leaflets distributed to end customers (reduction of > 60% achieved during 2020). 

Green products / Sustainability of products

  • Round-up: Sale ended in December 2019.
  • Firearms: Sales have been stopped.
  • Paper bags: To replace plastic bags.
  • Moving boxes: To be replaced by new environ-mental friendly ones with FSC certification.
  • Dedicated label for 1.000 environmental products to be introduced.

Silvan takes responsibility for the environment and stops printed leaflets (PDF, en)

Black Friday 2021: Silvan says “goodbye” to Black Friday. Silvan will donate 5% of its revenue during the Black Friday weekend to ‘Plant et Træ’

BMC Benelux

BMC Benelux is a leading chain of construction materials stores in Belgium headquartered in Brussels. BMC Benelux has 17 stores in the Brussels metropolitan area and in the regions of West Flanders and Hennegau. With a market share of about three percent, the company is among the top 5 vendors in a highly fragmented market. BMC Benelux serves small and medium-sized construction industry customers with its two brands YouBuild und MPRO. The company has a dense network of stores, a broad range of products and an excellent service offering.

Sustainability/Green Initiatives

  • We encourage our suppliers to deliver their goods as much as possible through waterway transport rather than via lorries (e.g. Brussels Port Branch)
  • We continuously invest in a state-of-the-art eco-friendly lorry fleet with a reduced carbon emission footprint
  • On several branches we make use of solar energy (e.g. Brussels Port Branch)
  • We continuously replace lights with LED lighting in our branches and offices
  • We recycle and manage waste from packaging and customer returns via a professional supplier
  • We no longer sell uncertified timber. We only work with suppliers that can provide us with FSC certified timber
  • Our hub and spoke satellite model is based on limiting the transport distance between customer and BMC, hence reducing our Co2 footprint

Hanse Yachts

Development of CO2-neutral drive systems

Climate-friendly fuels and alternative drive systems are being used in more and more vehicles. But what about environmentally friendly systems for sports yachts? So far, there are only few market-ready concepts for this. In order to advance the development of a CO2-neutral propulsion system for yachts, HanseYachts AG is participating in the Campfire Alliance, a basic research project that is to contribute to the development of the world's first yacht powered by a fuel cell. The system is to work with ammonia and the hydrogen bound there in nitrogen. To this end, a refuelling system, an emission-free engine and a system for on-board power supply must be developed using ammonia as the energy source.

More Information:

Scholl Shoes


The AURELIUS Group company Scholl only uses PEFC-certified wood for its Pescura Original Clogs.
PEFC is the largest institution dedicated to the assurance and marketing of sustainable forest management on the basis of an independent certification system.