Anti racism principles at AURELIUS

Anti racism principles at AURELIUS

The below applies to all staff members and people seeking to work at or with AURELIUS Group, service providers, contractors, customers/clients and visitors.

AURELIUS is committed to providing and supporting a work environment that:

  • is culturally inclusive and free from racial discrimination and harassment;
  • is inclusive of staff from different backgrounds, which include not only their ethnic background but also family, culture, history and beliefs;
  • recognises and embraces the value and benefits of cultural diversity;
  • promotes respect and fair and equitable treatment for all staff and others associated with AURELIUS;
  • is free from unlawful discrimination;

AURELIUS will promote equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, cultural awareness, cross-cultural competence, and appropriate conduct for staff through its policies, information resources, recruitment processes, induction/orientation activities, training programs and support services.

AURELIUS will not tolerate direct and indirect racial discrimination, harassment and/or vilification under any circumstances.